Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for Mouse Plague Pre-Paid Visa Support Card

You must meet eligibility rules to apply for the Mouse Plague pre-paid VISA support card:

To receive this support you must:

  1. Be a primary producer;
  2. Be registered as a farmer with Rural Aid
  3. Have a current ABN
  4. Have not already received a mouse plague pre-paid visa support card. Only one round of support is available per household. A household can be defined as a shared dwelling, ABN, PIC or joint family entity. It can also be defined as married/de-facto couples with separate dwellings and/or ABN, PIC or joint family entity.
  5. Be in a recognised mouse affected area as at 1st June 2021;
  6. To determine if your area is mouse affected, Rural Aid will be referring to the below website as a guide.

    Reported Mouse Affected Areas

  7. Have been adversely affected by the mouse plague. A short impact statement and photographic evidence will be requested. ( For example: Mice have significantly damaged my property, assets, or person.).

    Examples of significant damage to your property or assets can include:

    • it’s been destroyed or must be demolished
    • it’s been declared structurally unsound
    • the mice have caused major damage to the interior
    • the mice have significantly damaged a major asset, or assets you own at your property. (This includes the deliberate and required destruction of current fodder stores.)

    For this payment:

    • Your property is defined as your recognised place of primary production. It doesn’t include holiday homes or investment properties
    • A major asset is an asset or assets with a combined market value of $20,000 or more. For example, this can include buildings, vehicles or large scale machinery
    • You can’t claim on behalf of a person who has died, or their estate.