Farmer Registration

Rural Aid is proud of its support of farmers and rural communities suffering the effects of drought, flood, fire or natural disaster.

We know farmers are a proud bunch. Many won’t ask for help. We know that some suffer in silence, but we want to change that.

To allow us to assist you we need to know who you are. If you’re a farming family in need of help, please let us know. If you know a farming family that needs help, tell them about this Rural Aid.

Important information Upon successful completion of the registration form, please contact the Rural Aid team on 1300 327 624 during business hours. A member of our friendly team will then verify your registration details and help guide you through your application for assistance.You must contact Rural Aid following your online or postal registration.

Once you are registered, you can then apply for assistance on offer. To see available assistance, check here

This registration form is for the use of eligible primary producers, including those whose industry includes the farming of livestock, produce, bees and other forms of primary production.

Please complete all fields relevant to your industry.