Mouse Plague Financial Assistance

Mouse Plague Financial Assistance

Rural Aid is offering primary producers in current mouse plague affected areas a one off $1000 pre-paid VISA card to assist during this disaster. Once we have received your completed application and we have verified you in our system, our team will review and process your application. Please note, for approved applications, the pre-paid VISA card may take up to four weeks to reach your destination depending on postal services.

Are you registered with Rural Aid? If yes, then please continue with your application for mouse plague support. If not, you MUST register with Rural Aid prior to applying for this aid. Click Here to go to our farmer registration page

You will not receive a pre-paid VISA card if you do not meet the eligibility criteria.

Rural Aid will be accepting applications for Mouse Plague financial support from farmers currently affected or have been affected as of 1st June 2021. The mouse plague financial support will continue until the allocated funding is exhausted.

This support is offered in addition to the general financial assistance. Primary producers who have already received general financial support are eligible to receive this payment if they meet the eligibility criteria.

If you have already registered with us as a farmer, then you do not need to re-register. Please complete the application below.